Knit Militia?

Knitted art to adorn a space near you!

About the Launceston Knit Militia:

Part of a worldwide movement of knitted Graffiti artists, or Yarn Bombers, the Launceston Knit Militia are a group of knitters aged 8 – 80. We share a passion for all things tactile, tea, a good yarn, street art and community.

Originally the Launceston Knit Militia formed to support Access Arts Link in their arts trail: ‘Art Traces in Public Spaces’, a one day event during which the city of Launceston was left decorated with colourful art pieces and Knitted Graffiti.

Every week, we gather more momentum, with around 20 members and a growing number of visitors into the cosy lounge room where we meet. We have also recently started a ‘Facebook page’ where supporters can join up as ‘fans’ we currently have 74 fans, but that number grows daily!

Keep your eye out for the Knit Militia in a space near you!

Or why dont you join the Knit Militia and knit up a storm yourself?


Mammalian Monster Workshop

Streets Alive is heading into its biggest year yet in 2010!

The Monster Makers is a wildly interactive adventure for children and a spectacular street-show for adults and families. The children take over Igor’s laboratory as assistants, bring his recently acquired monster to life and take the creature on the road to face the menacing challenges of the big and dangerous city. Children lead, adults follow: as it should be.

Join the students of Mowbray Heights Primary School and Sacred Heart Primary School as they take their newly brought-to-life monster for a walk.



Saturday 13 March 2010

12:00 pm – Mowbray Heights Primary, Mrs. Cumming’s and Miss. Benson’s year 3/4 class

1:00 pm – Mowbray Heights Primary, Mrs. Woodcock’s and Mrs. Eade’s year 3/4 class

2:00 pm – Sacred Heart Primary, Ms. Summers’ year 4 class

3:00 pm – Sacred Heart Primary, Ms. Summers’ year 4 class



The children will be attached to the monster via long ropes, which they will use to control his actions. They will have to work together to balance the ensuing anarchy with their desire to stay out of trouble. The Monster, in turn, will begin to allow his various attributes to take over. For example, if he’s been programmed as a loving monster, he will hug the public, playfully pushing the bounds of propriety. The children will have to decide just how much is too much. Eventually, the monster will escape into the city, the kids return to the theatre to debrief and discuss just what exactly went wrong. In the final moment, the monster will return and get everybody up to sing and dance.

This idea of giving kids the power and ownership over important aspects of the production flows naturally from our other work with kids where we endeavour to provide them opportunities to control the situation, giving them some small power.

The Monster Makers is essentially about the responsibility that comes with any kind of power; to quote Spiderman’s uncle Ben: “with great power comes great responsibility,” something we always remind the Haircuts by Children students, most of whom recognize and appreciate the source of the quote.

If you would like to participate in future Streets Alive events be sure to get your teachers online to


Welcome to Streets Alive for 2010!

Your space, my space, our space, leg space, headspace, breathing space, outer space, imaginary space, public space, body space…Space is shrinking and we aim to reclaim it!

Streets Alive Youth festival is back and this time we are  asking- What is space? Questioning young people’s notions of personal and community space, Streets Alive in 2010 will transform city spaces with art from schools and studios.

In its fifth edition, this festival will involve thousands of young people from across the state, expanding their skills through a huge variety of arts projects for taking over the streets of Launceston during August.

So how do we do it? It’s quite simple really.  Taking local artists, drop in a mix of dance, music, visual arts, site specific work, mixed media, carnival and film, a sprinkle of human rights and most importantly – YOU – young people of Northern Tasmania and you are guaranteed a heady mix!! The festival is open to all and everyone is welcome to pitch in and play with their creative side….so whether you are a student, artist, teacher, or just a random Joe interested in the arts, come be a part of this phenomenon!

We are inviting people to work with us on a variety of projects including knit graffiti, projections, quirky installations, random acts with umbrellas and inspiring performances including Out of the Blue – Hip Hop to the top: A combination of local, indigenous, national hip hop dancers working together towards a final dance off!

If you would like to participate in future Streets Alive events be sure to get your teachers online to