Its Nearly Time!!!

Less than a month to go and the streets of Launceston will be alive with youth art again.

The team has been working hard at finalising all the exciting projects for this years’ festival and we have some exciting updates for you. The festival program is now available on the Streets Alive website, so get your copy now! Join the umbrella momentum and break a Guinness record!!!

Umbrella’s: colourful objects designed to protect us from the elements‐ come rain or sun the umbrella will keep us safe! But an umbrella is also something that creates a defined space around us: an intimate space we can chose to protect or share and therefore the perfect motif to respond to our 2010 festival theme of What is space? Using the umbrella as a physical manifestation of ‘individual space’, the project umbrella momentum is the platform to express ideas of how individuals and as groups feel and interact with their individual and intimate space.

The umbrella momentum during streets alive has two components: Umbrellas in movement: Look out for Umbrellas as they are used in our various art trails and performances throughout the seven day festival which will culminate into a colourful and imaginative street party with dancers and acrobats to create a mass Umbrella image aimed at breaking a Guinness record.

Be involved All Ages All Abilities for the Streets Alive Flash Mob to be held on the street on Sunday 29th August.

Umbrella Installations: Groups of artists and young people are designing umbrellas artistically to
express their experiences of space. These umbrellas’s will then be utilised in numerous visual art
installations across Launceston city.
Many local artists are currently working on umbrella works including Andrew Sheperdson who is
creating a large 3D sculpture, responding to the umbrella as a protection device. Textile artist Sonja
Hinudram is creating an umbrella style dress with water droplets made of glass while Michelle and
Alvin Kirby‐Brown are decorating Umbrella’s in trees, and Ralf Haertel will install Umbrella’s in space
in the mall.
Design an umbrella and help fund the studio!
We are inviting artists to design umbrella’s which can be auctioned and the funds will help keep the
Access arts studio going. So come stand under our Umbrella..ella..ella….to know more or
participate email us at


The White Box is an interactive performance space: part livingInstallation, part experimental performance!Featuring a huge array of exciting musicians, live painting,short performances, circus, hip‐hop, visual art, and manymore surprises. This event will create opportunities for youngand emerging artists to showcase their work in a friendly andsupportive format, along with some big name interstateartists that will work with the budding performers.This project is produced and organised by local emergingproducers. The performances appear daily after school hoursg people who would not normally attend events and allowpeople from rural areas to participate before commuting out of town. This White Box concept wasfirst developed by Manic Productions, with bands and DJ’s featured inside a small box, with camerason the inside streaming to projections out in the audience space. The band knows there is an audience but they cannot see them: A One Way Fishbowl!in the afternoon to reach local youn

Out of the Blue: Get on board! Get Dancing!Streets Alive is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Youth beyondblue which willenable the return of the Indigenous Hip Hop Project (IHHP) team to Tasmania. During Youth Week inApril IHHP rocked Launceston with high‐energy performances and workshops that saw theunearthing of some amazing local talent.

Lots more great activities to come! Full Festival details now avaiable on our website!


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