Body Space


  • Body Spaces

Abstract Image Body Spaces by Ralf

Comments re filming

Gerard Inspired me to do more acting

We need to do more performances here in Launceston.

Jordon I loved it….I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita Fun, creative and somewhat nerve racking at times.

Kay It was beautiful even underneath the darkness.

Becci I felt sick.

Louisa It allowed me to develop new skills.

I like being a team player.

Minna It was a long day which presented some challenges for stamina and focus.

Working behind the camera allowed me to relax rather than in front of a live audience.

Donna I liked working in front of the camera in comparison to presenting to a live audience.

I want to do it again.

Bodhi It as really good.

Loved the look of the lights and the umbrellas in the lights.

Malia Everyone stuck through and worked hard!  Camera man and everyone was very patient; cool effective very fun to all work together

Jay Seeing the dancers in front of the camera gave everyone a different energy of working. The focus and attention to detail was outstanding. I enjoyed being able to work in this medium as it was interesting adapting physical performance into filmic form.

I loved it. Laughter…


Standby and action.

It’s a rap.

  • Knit Graffiti

Knitting Workshop at The Studio!

We are still looking for knitting enthusiasts, or people who would like to try their hand at knitting, to get involved!

Contact Kim

Thank you to all those who have been involved so far this year.


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