WANTED ALIVE……creative enthusiasts for Streets Alive 2010

Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival 2010
August 24-30, 2010
Launceston, Tasmania

Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival 2010August 24-30, 2010Launceston, Tasmania

Welcome to Streets Alive 2010

Your space, my space, our space, leg space, headspace, breathing space, outer space, imaginary space, public space, body space…space is shrinking and we aim to reclaim it!

Streets Alive Youth festival is back and this time we are asking- What’s your space? Taking place from 24-30 August, 2010 the festival is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a positively creative and inspiring festival that will take over Launceston’s city’s streets.

In its fifth edition, the festival will involve thousands of young people from across the state, expanding their skills through a huge variety of arts projects including dance, music, visual arts, site specific work, mixed me-dia, carnival and film.

The festival is open to all and everyone is welcome to pitch in and play with their creative side… so whether you are a student, artist, teacher, or just a random Jo interested in the arts, come be a part of this phenome-non!

WANTED ALIVE……creative enthusiasts for Streets Alive 2010

In 2010 we intend to explore the theme What’s Your Space and have created a structure in the form of an Arts Trail that will showcase the many talents of our artists and pro-vide opportunities for people to be inspired and respond to this art.

We are currently receiving expres-sions of interest from Artists / Groups wanting to be involved. New ideas are welcome as well as par-ticipating in program events. People from all walks of life, including stu-dents, artists, teachers, or anyone else interested in the arts are wel-come to pitch in and play with their creative side.

You can submit your own project or work on any of our program pro-jects including knit graffiti, projec-tions, quirky installations, random acts with umbrellas and inspiring dance performances including Out of the Blue – Hip Hop to the top: A combination of local, indigenous, national hip hop dancers working together towards a final dance off!

We are looking for:

Knitting enthusiasts; keen individu-als or groups that would like to knit the city! All levels of skill are welcome including NIL. Training, mate-rial and a bunch of enthusiastic mentors would be available

Digital, animation and visual artists with existing work or to cre-ate new work responding to the fes-tival theme ‘What is space?’

Artists to respond, react, design, paint, dance, perform, project onto umbrellas

What are you waiting for? Email kim@streetsalive.com.au

2010 Streets Alive festival launched at the Brisbane Street Mall

The 2010 Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival was launched on April 9th in conjunction with the start of National Youth Week in Launceston’s Brisbane Street Mall. Keeping with this year’s theme “What is space?” the festival team re-claimed Launceston’s most popular public space, the Bris-bane Street Mall and converted it into a public art gallery.

The mall never looked more colourful wrapped in gold, quirky umbrella installations, colourful dancers from Cindy Foster’s Art C Street Crew and a beautiful knitted garden with caterpillars and flowers!

The event culminated with an energetic performance by the talented crew from Indigenous Hip Hop Pro-jects (IHPP), celebrating the fusion of traditional Indigenous culture and hip hop.

The IHHP were in Launceston for a week running hip hop workshops with various schools, colleges and community youth groups during National Youth Week which culminated in a finale at the Launceston Tail-race Centre.

Traffic Graffix

A Visual Art project which will change the grey tagged spaces aka the traffic signal boxes around the Launceston CBD into a gallery of vibrant and quirky images for pass-ers-by to enjoy, appreciate and in-teract with.

Dinosaur Chair

Designed by Ross Byers with artists from the Access Arts Link, this sculptural chair is being fabricated by Certificate II in Engineering students at the Tasma-nian Polytechnic and will be sited out-side the Studio at the Inveresk Cultural Precinct. This functional sculpture will be launched at the festival.

Meet the Launceston Knit Militia

They call themselves the Guerrilla Knitters: a craft group or just a group of friends, who get together every week to delve into their com-mon passion, Knitting!

But Launceston-based Knit Militia is all of the above and more! Mothers, daughters, locals, internationals, teachers, architects, hippies, students, jewellers, shop assistants, disability workers and pensioners have joined forces with the aim to alter otherwise mundane objects and challenge our perception of a very tradi-tional art form: Knitting.

Originally formed to support Access Arts Link in their Streets Alive Arts Trail during Novem-ber 2009, the Launceston Knit Militia are a group of knitters aged 8 – 80 who share a pas-sion for all things tactile, tea, a good yarn, street art and community. The group now has around 20 members and a growing number of visitors into the cosy lounge room where the group meets. They have now spread beyond Launceston with members from Cygnet, Hobart and even Canberra.

The Launceston Knit Militia aims to inspire a new generation of knitters, and for those who already knit, to take this traditional domestic craft out of the private lounge room and into the public sphere.

In 2010 the Knit Militia is working on KNIT THE CITY, a project which will transform ordinary public spaces into interesting, inspiring places using knitting! Knit the City consists of three projects which will be showcased in conjunction with Streets Alive and Junction 2010 from August 24-30, 2010.

The knitted garden: a “growing” project which will create a beautiful welcoming environment and showcase the uncon-ventional use of wool.

Knit Graffiti will transform our city spaces with knitting

The Giant Teapot: a giant knitted tea cosy for Launceston’s largest teapot for artist Ross Byers’ Tour de Clarendon pro-ject. To know more or join contact Kim Schneiders.


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