Knit Militia?

Knitted art to adorn a space near you!

About the Launceston Knit Militia:

Part of a worldwide movement of knitted Graffiti artists, or Yarn Bombers, the Launceston Knit Militia are a group of knitters aged 8 – 80. We share a passion for all things tactile, tea, a good yarn, street art and community.

Originally the Launceston Knit Militia formed to support Access Arts Link in their arts trail: ‘Art Traces in Public Spaces’, a one day event during which the city of Launceston was left decorated with colourful art pieces and Knitted Graffiti.

Every week, we gather more momentum, with around 20 members and a growing number of visitors into the cosy lounge room where we meet. We have also recently started a ‘Facebook page’ where supporters can join up as ‘fans’ we currently have 74 fans, but that number grows daily!

Keep your eye out for the Knit Militia in a space near you!

Or why dont you join the Knit Militia and knit up a storm yourself?


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