Welcome to Streets Alive for 2010!

Your space, my space, our space, leg space, headspace, breathing space, outer space, imaginary space, public space, body space…Space is shrinking and we aim to reclaim it!

Streets Alive Youth festival is back and this time we are  asking- What is space? Questioning young people’s notions of personal and community space, Streets Alive in 2010 will transform city spaces with art from schools and studios.

In its fifth edition, this festival will involve thousands of young people from across the state, expanding their skills through a huge variety of arts projects for taking over the streets of Launceston during August.

So how do we do it? It’s quite simple really.  Taking local artists, drop in a mix of dance, music, visual arts, site specific work, mixed media, carnival and film, a sprinkle of human rights and most importantly – YOU – young people of Northern Tasmania and you are guaranteed a heady mix!! The festival is open to all and everyone is welcome to pitch in and play with their creative side….so whether you are a student, artist, teacher, or just a random Joe interested in the arts, come be a part of this phenomenon!

We are inviting people to work with us on a variety of projects including knit graffiti, projections, quirky installations, random acts with umbrellas and inspiring performances including Out of the Blue – Hip Hop to the top: A combination of local, indigenous, national hip hop dancers working together towards a final dance off!

If you would like to participate in future Streets Alive events be sure to get your teachers online to www.streetsalive.com.au


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